Crossing Boulevard

with Rev. Rachel


It may seem as though this adjective, this noun, would have to paint these pages. Could the story be told without it? Evidently. The true light, the true bread, the way/the truth/the light, set free by the truth, full of grace and truth...all of this has been given to us by John and John only (1:9, 6:32, 14:6, 8:32, 1:14).

‘What is true’ is what is “in accordance with fact or reality”. ‘What is true’ has “all the expected or necessary qualities of a type of person or thing” (Merriam- Webster). Maybe only those who work with their hands for a living hear “true” and know it to be a verb.

It hit me just this week. Those times I had my car specially serviced in Lynchburg? Bobby Babcock was truing my wheels. I wrote it out to him at least twice as “trewing”. Welp. That’s embarrassing.

If a truing stand takes an imbalanced wheel and balances it, could there be moments in our lives that have a truing effect? I’m thinking: Yes. Like the times 8 or 9 folks gather around Scripture and each other in my living room.

My plans did not spell out how these lessons would reposition me to glimpse God’s reign. But Tuesdays have trued me. Not for all time—it doesn’t work like that—but for now, I am seeing that quality of life together that Jesus says is near.

Colleen with broken glasses, confessing how she was determined not to let it be her out…Lauren and Aaron, together, wading in new waters…Nancy’s life-giving curiosity...Alex’s way of balancing deep commitment with kind laughter…Janelle coming late instead of never…Donnie appearing, donations in both hands, when he could have claimed exemption…this is just some of the grace.

To the many voices say that such a gathering is not possible; or that if it is, it is useless: That is a lie.

Those called to do what is true (v.21), what is in accordance with the kingdom Jesus preaches and teaches, need to taste and see, again and again, what it is that they have been asked to receive and to further.

Friends, seek out the truing stands along life’s highway. Or accept them when you find yourself upon them, not having asked for it. For these are of God’s holy toolbox.

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