Crossing Boulevard

with Rev. Rachel


To this day, candlelit panes let me know that I am waited for; that there is a place where it is warm, where I can rest, where I am wanted. A light in the window is a means of grace.

If saints are those through whom the light has shown, one way to honor All Saints is to reflect their light into the darkness of the season now at hand. We can do so; and in literal fashion.

First, by pulling out those candles dedicated last year (over). Secondly, by adding to these. Think about people who burned or still burn for others, not counting the cost. How about gifting their light to our neighborhood?

To do so, by Monday, November 24, our main office needs: 1. Cash or check designated to reflect your gift. 2. The name of a saint you wish to honor.

Use the form (over), if able. We will place an order from one supplier, once, whereby the shipping is free and the cost per candle, discounted. Any surplus dollars support the church’s general fund.

Battery-operated candle with timers will be placed in the sills of Boulevard beginning with those windows in the darkest places of our premises.

‘Take courage,’ we can say. Letting the light speak for itself: ‘Take courage.’

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