Crossing Boulevard

with Rev. Rachel


I wonder if I have had it wrong; if not wrong, tied too tightly to one interpretative stake. Maybe the fault in this guy who buries his gold (v.18) has only a smidge to do with risk aversion. Maybe the more of the matter is how his course of action keeps him away from where real wealth grows.

If you bury what you have been given because you believe that your ultimate purpose is to preserve it until the day the giver returns, welp, there you are…at the burial site…disconnected…ossified by your sense of what gold is to God.

Master, I knew that you were harsh; so I was afraid, and I went and…

Hid it. He got into the hiding business. [Not unlike the duo at the top of our spiritual family tree. Their hiding also stemmed from a sense that it was the best they could do with the position that they were in.]

But what if ‘what is yours’ (i.e., God’s) isn’t the five, two, or one bags of coins? What if these talents are seed money and the divine expectation is that we servants do with the seed what is in keeping with our love? What if God wages it all on the possibility that our love will come to include the things for which the holy heart beats and what if the process of investing what we receive—the ups and down that come with any market activity included—is precisely what brings us into the relationships that bear what is golden to God?

Here you have what is yours.

If you can see this man returning his preserved one, relieved he had fended off the talent thieves and proud to have stood his ground, maybe you can see the God that is more than, beyond this story. My child, this here was never my treasure. It was what I gave you to live a life of looking for it. It was my way of getting you out there, on your feet.

What belongs to God…is the delight—delight in those who discern that the treasure worth investing in calls for a collective hunt—delight in our attempt to name what we hold in our hands so as to spend it in the way that God always has: With others, for others.

Which costs. Costs us all the things we thought were valuable. Might even leave us with nothing. Nothing but the connections and therefore the courage to get out of coin patrol and onto the path that winds its way into the joy (v.23)~

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