Crossing Boulevard

with Rev. Rachel


{or last we heard}*

Come Saturday, Sarah Richards is off to Greece and Turkey. Rachel May and Sarah Wilkinson did their best to not covet over pizza and fried green tomatoes. That lucky duck…Speaking of ducks: Dot Hechler may not make it here on Sundays anymore but I bet she knows the latest on the mama who chose her hatchery well over on the grounds of Westminster-Canterbury.

The Annex seems to be walking a little taller after receiving a new window and some yard care from Calvin Gay. David Smith jumped in to offer his hands and heart to the premises. The letter board out front has new hardware and bulbs!

Bekki Dize done finished graduate school. With that Masters in Social Work, she ought to stay and serve the people of RVA. [That is our take, at least.] Change the Word RVA’s Elaine Williams just completed a first year at VCU. SharQueena Freeman now lives with a family whose welcome has been full of love and grace.

Ed Pillow loves him some Facebook. This pastor had to give him the look when a picture taken at Thursday Afternoon Club needed to be deleted (as opposed to shared). Aaron Bell is partly to blame for these new skills—that is, when he is not moving, writing a dissertation, and job hunting. The Bell’s new residence involves less rowdy neighbors, for which he and Lauren are most grateful.

As Melody Porter is eyeing her own still-in-this-neighborhood relocation, she is busy being quietly fabulous. One organization just named her most outstanding William & Mary faculty member. On that note: Did someone say: “Kylee Ponder is up for new teacher of the year”? Like another, above, she said nothing; but little birdies still work this planet.

Happy Birthday to Edith Waldbauer, Buster Ridell, Helen Taylor, and Elaine Kennedy. Elaine is fixing to get gone. To get zipped up in one of her bags would be worth trying if it weren’t for our needing to go easy on partner-in-globetrotting Linda Crowder, who without use of one arm. Dale Monroe has also had a bit of a time, as of late, enduring the kind of poison ivy that makes you itch just hearing about it. Time with grandchildren has kept the light in her eyes.

‘Tis all for now, friends, Keep up the lovely. ________________________________

*A once in a blue moon serving of parish notes -- never thorough, but always celebratory.