March 30, 2014

Crossing Boulevard

with Rev. Rachel

10 TRY TO FIND OUT  Ephesians 5

Paul has his way of finishing that sentence; after this digression, we’ll be right back. [Enter ABC Saturday morning jingle of my youth.]

‘Try to find out…(v.10)’ Lately, you have, and it has made me all kinds of glad. I am biased; aren’t we all? But your “I was wondering…” these are the best!

(1) What is Easter? Why this is fabulous: Because it is something we are all “supposed to know”, sincerely asking, is Christ-like. It is free of presumption, full of humility, and possibility indicative of trust. I love that you didn’t think I would go ballistic. I will treasure it.

(2) Why do we say “Thanks be to God”? So, the Scripture is read and everyone says thanks. What for? You can’t go wrong with thank-you. True. But as I heard it, the question was about tradition (not disposition). And a worship leader should be prepared to talk about why we do what we do.

(3) What is Lent, anyway? If everyone around you is using the word like it’s a no-brainer, knocking, so that you might actually find your way in to experiencing it, is bold. Sure, anyone can find someone’s definition, but gathering information and seeking understanding are not necessarily synonymous.

Shoot for a one-sentence answer. Make it come from the seat of wisdom—which is to say, or to ask you, rather, to offer an answer to each of these questions with what is inside of you. By giving it my own whirl, right here, right now, I may be ensuring that you won’t take that invitation seriously. But I have learned not to sell you short.

Easter is the day we say that death does not have the last word. Whatever price we pay in the short-term…this is seen to pale in comparison to God’s redemptive touch. We say thanks be to God because God has chosen to speak. We are mere mortals and not entitled to a relationship with the Great Mystery. Yet, we are approached. And Lent? It is a time to think about what, in our lives, is cross-shaped and what isn’t. We offer to the potter what could stand another go on the wheel.

“Try to find out what is pleasing to God.” That is verse 10, in its entirety, and what Paul longed to occupy the people in Ephesus. My happy marveling aside, I do believe your asking, seeking, and knocking is every bit the stuff that makes a Maker’s heart swell.