Into a Plentiful Land

Crossing Boulevard with Rev. Rachel


There was a time when there was plenty of it. Land could be grabbed. [Having a friend from Oklahoma means recalling something of that 1889 event…and other bits of Sooner state trivia. I try. I really do.]

Note: It’s not the quantity of land that Jeremiah references. What is indicative of God’s provision is the quality. Our spiritual ancestors are upon soil God knows to be capable of producing “good things”. Yet, “You defiled my land,” says God (v.7). You degraded it.

I wonder. If it were I being examined through the Almighty’s lens, what could be said of my effect on the land? Am I a friend or a defiler? Yikes.

Shalom Farms is place where people ask that very question. Sometimes they are spring-boarded into living the answer they long to hear. It isn’t a place where people go to circulate blame. Hours spent there are about catching glimpses of the Hebrew word for wholeness—seeing shalom—beholding completeness.

The project is our September mission focus. While I am sure that any financial contributions we are able to route their way will be received with joy, I have doubt on another front. I doubt my capacity to get us from here to the blessing—from the place where I distribute food for thought to the moment where we receive another’s hospitality.

Fear not: No visions of a tour bus, here. In fact, not one of our outreach endeavors is predicated upon an all or nothing notion of participation. But a handful of emissaries who approach the adventure as though they were gladly taking all of Boulevard with them in spirit? That would be all right.

Their mission, after all, is experiential. As I imagine it, Shalom Farms is like that family member made miserable by the expectation of wrapping an object in a box because that has never been and never will be their love language.

Which leads me to say, I hope we’ll get there. And if we do, let it be for the love of the One who still shows us how to let go of our home-field advantage and join others at their table, where there is plenty room and grace upon grace is waiting.