(Or last we heard)*

Come Sunday, two knots will have been well tied. Congrats to Aaron & Lauren Bell, and to Raven & Chet Fisher. While the kazoos are out, it is also the birthday month for Rosa Kitelynn, Michael Joyner, Mary Marshall, and Irene Wagner.

Some pack for a honeymoon; others look forward to Vegas and Greece. You’ll have to ask Elaine Kennedy and Linda Crowder about that. As Kay Watkinson and The Fitzwaters head home from the beach, others are on their way, including bookkeeper extraordinaire Ruth Magee.

Delivery is the air. This week, school supplies gave life to John B. Cary and WilliamFox Elementary. All the while, shoppers Mark and Karen Suter await the arrival of a second grandchild. Madelyn Parker went along for the drop-off. Having completed another term in Mary Baldwin’s Marketing Communications program, she is busy buying books for a second and final year.

Ed Pillow reports successful adventures involving peanuts and cracker jacks. The Nationals have enjoyed his enthusiasm. Clay Foret was not at the ballpark. No misses that we know of, but as for hits, he passed the all-important boards, so as to continue on through VCU (or MCV, for those who care about these things).

Grayson Foy reports that Benjamin Williams is now living with his mother in Memphis and back in school. Roy Burgess finds himself getting educated in the quirks and perks of The Hermitage, where he now resides. [The cookies are good.] Melody Porter and Lauren Bell surely learned something as they represented Boulevard at Wednesday night’s “Farm To Table Dinner with Shalom Farms”.

For Boulevard’s kitchen, a new ice machine and repairs to the refrigerator are promising developments. Open Invitation has joined A Faith That Works (groups meeting at the church’s annex) in supporting site improvements next door.

No parish pets of which to speak. For the record, we are not in the market. The Reverend remains confident that in retrospect, wedding madness—one every weekend in August—will be remembered as joy upon joy, and that she may well emerge with the liturgy memorized. All for now, friends~

* A once in a blue moon serving of parish notes -- never thorough, but always celebratory.

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