Crossing Boulevard

with Rev. Rachel

2 WITH WHAT SHALL I COME?     - Micah 6

“Weary doesn’t respond to the same treatment as tired.”

That sentence rang true or at least less true to my experience. The spiritual types do a great job of distinguishing “weary” from other words that carry similar meaning. Problem: That crowd (to which I belong, I suppose) can take that distinction and head in a direction that is itself wearying.

When I hear “weary” described as something other than sleepiness, I nod. When I read first-hand accounts of what weary feels like, the affirmative nodding continues. But the you-can-fix-this plan that often follows gives me pause. 10 Ways to Overcome Spiritual Weariness, The Cure for Weariness... That will not do, I think.

One is weary precisely because of the weight of expectation! Telling a weary person to overcome their weariness in this number of steps is a little like telling someone suffering from depression to look on the Brightside. It reflects a lack of understanding.

If you are reading this and you are weary, you don’t need advice. You need refreshment. You need renewal.

If you are reading this and you are weary, you don’t need someone to tell you what the Bible says about weariness. You need an encounter with the Source of life itself.

God is the name I use for the Source. Micah characterizes God as having said that good living involves the doing of justice and the loving of kindness (v.8).

Today, I’m not hearing Micah as a supervisor who wants to know how well we are performing. To pick up a thread from last week’s sermon, I am experiencing a sign. The prophet is offering words of assurance that are a kind of light to the diffuse the fear of weariness or the shame we sometimes feel because we are weary.

I hear Micah saying that God is there if we want to take a walk. In that walk there is medicine. Those acts of justice and mercy are neither new nor an indictment. Rather, they happen when we take care to walk with the One who most loves us.

That spiritual type was right. Weary doesn’t respond to same treatment as tired. This spiritual type would add: Weary responds to love.

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