Crossing Boulevard

with Rev. Rachel

5 FULFILL YOUR MINISTRY    - 2 Timothy 4

Complete the ministry to which you have been called (The Voice). Devote yourself completely to your ministry (International Standard Version). Carry out your ministry fully (New Revised Standard Version).

It is neither ridiculous nor self-important to claim a ministry in first person. I lead our pet food ministry. We have a ministry with animals.

While Elaine performs her teller duties, she recalls their reaction to the last load of food and supplies. The folks over at Richmond Animal Care and Control: “They were tickled to death.”

Kitty litter gets used. Collars and leashes go home with the newly adopted dogs and cats. The food goes more quickly than we can imagine. It is grace upon grace to have someone show up and do the re-stocking. It is merciful when that someone is not asking for something in return.

So Elaine and Linda go when they can. A call to Meals on Wheels can mean a run on Ziploc bags, gallon-sized. [You can blame those two the next time shelves are empty.] Over there, out of the FeedMore facility, volunteers prepare lightweight-don’t-take-up-a-lot-of-space-in-the-delivery-vehicle servings of pet food for the households they service.

I asked Elaine what she would say to those who may wonder, why bother—why cut the coupons, why shop multiple stores, why load and unload? True to form, her answer was part cutting to the chase and part pure compassion. “You know, it’s a healing thing. These animals are the only companionship that some people have. ”

What more was there to say? Something, it turns out. A final tally on Sunday’s offering could wait. “Besides. They’re God’s creatures too.”

What is the ministry to which you are called, friend? Shun not the possessive pronouns. If you cannot name one, or if you are between ministries, by all means, make a ministry out of rallying for another’s. That’s called being a sister, a brother, Christ’s Church.

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