Crossing Boulevard

with Rev. Rachel


The author is making a case for why we ought to give these Proverbs the time of day:Hey reader, I know you are wise, but you would be wiser still for listening to these words (vv.1-7).

It got me thinking about the lifelong learners in our midst. I still want to be one, when I grow up.

Allow to get my wannabe on—to tell you what I learned these last six or seven days. Did you know that the winner of America’s Got Talent sings in the choir for a United Methodist Church? Ten minutes ago, I did not. She might be taking a hiatus with the million dollars and all, but 12 year-old Grace and the VanderWaal family love them some church up there in New Jersey.

How about the word “profession”? I hadn’t given it much thought. When I hear “profession” it is evidently fair to hear “profession of faith” because the word originated in the time when ministry, medicine, and law were the professions. To commit to any of those professions was to declare faith in the practice of those disciplines. Thanks, Dr. Sondra Wheeler.

Union Market in Church Hill is awesome: Gained that knowledge a couple of days ago. They were right, the folks that told me to go and see where your parishioners work. I didn’t drop in on anyone’s cubicle but I got close enough to re-realize that it is a beautiful thing to experience your people not on your turf.

My plants might count as “that person who is always happy to see you”. That much dawned on me as the Richmond District clergy were being invited not to pastor in a self-serving, I am here to get my needs met kind of way. I said the plant bit out loud about the same time as the person next to me said, “Oh, that’s definitely my dog”.

Speaking of which, Greyhounds dig; the dog breed, not the bus line. And by dig, I mean, dig. My young grass has suffered yet another setback. Also related to the home front, some future mothers-in-laws out there get their own key and spend hours and hours, week after week, working on the apartment into which a son has not yet moved. I am learning that I grow too easily annoyed with some people.

That may well be the trouble with learning. You learn what else you need to learn. But stick with it, friends. The alternative isn’t much of an alternative at all.

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