Crossing Boulevard

with Rev. Rachel

16 THEY ARE LONGING    - Hebrews 11

For what do you long?

Mary Jo Weaver says that spirituality is rooted in desire. Put another way, if you want to grow spiritually, desire is nothing less than your soil.

We ought to pay attention to our yearning, then.

I have heard people say that they do not want much of anything. Yet, their behavior suggests otherwise. Maybe we humans are prone to assuming that if we cannot or do not name our desires our desires do not exist and therefore cannot be wielding influence.

Some of us want to be in the know. Some of us want a break. Some of us want to forget or undo entire seasons of our lives. Some us want to enjoy what we have without others criticizing us. Some of us want healing. Some of us want something different, something more.

One way to get at what we long for on the part of ourselves, others, our communities, the Creator’s creation, is to ask this question: What are you looking forward to?

The author of the Book of Hebrews believes that the greats in our spiritual ancestry were longing for a homeland (v.14)—they were looking forward to experiencing the realization of the promises of God (v.13).

There is much about faith in this letter. [Or is it an essay or a sermon manuscript?] Hebrew suggests that where faith is, there are these movements: Looking Forward, Going Through, Drawing Near, and Opening Up.

This Sunday, we might ask how it is with our Looking Forward.

To that end, examine your soil. Be real about your want; which is different from zealously defending what the kingdom may not have been invited to inform and shape at the start. Invite God into your yearning, that God may do what God does: Work within you so as to work with you so as to work through you.

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