Crossing Boulevard

with Intern Minoka


The last few months have been hard—spiritually and emotionally.

Moving from being dependent on my mother to losing her required a recalibration of what I knew to be reality.

In this week’s passage Jesus reminds us that the forces of human brokenness do not easily destroy the things established by God. I find this piece of Matthew’s gospel a timely reminder of the forever-connection we have with people that we love.

My mother and I may not be physically here on earth together anymore, but I believe that because we are joined together in family; both nuclear and God’s family, the pain of death that falls to us all cannot separate the love and spirit of those that we hold dear.

I also believe that God has joined together much more than just my mother and me.

We are joined together by God when we make a decision to be the Church. We are joined together by God when we seek marriage, or relationships, or even our daily interactions.

When we choose to love those whom “man” chooses to separate (v.6), or when we reach beyond barriers to risk being joined together with our enemies, we are acknowledging our commonality as God’s beloved. This invites the Holy Spirit in to work reconciliation among us.

As we move into election season (or really any season), it helps to remember that God’s intention is togetherness, not separation. Let not the work of man (i.e greed, jealous, fear, hatred) keep us from learning and being in relationship with our brothers and sisters—from honoring what God has joined together.