Crossing Boulevard

with Rev. Rachel


Nick Ruxton and Meredith McNabb were there and so I asked. (1) What didn’t play out the way you expected? (2) Where did you experience a connection between the everyday life of churches like Boulevard and the happenings of General Conference? Meredith’s perspective found us last week.

Nick is a videographer and darn good at it. His approach to work-that-needs-doing reflects the fact that he’s the guy actually practicing servant leadership when the rest of us are busy talking about it. I hear he likes to stand on paddleboards and loves his dog Izzy almost as much as his fiancé Laura (whose hand has not been cropped from the photo above).

He was in Portland doing what videographers do. Perhaps the horror stories of Conferences past had led him to believe there would be very little time to connect? There was, it turned out, time for fellowship and for networking. He couldn’t help but hear about others’ lives in their churches and in the places they called home. Proximity led to insight.

I asked a third question. “Was there a moment, an image, that you wished the media would have reported? What did it suggest or convey?” Nick pointed out that my question was a tricky one, given the fact that he was the media and as such, tried to cover the week and a half well. [Self-awareness points!]

“Personally, I think a spotlight should have been cast on the conversations that were happening around the Human Sexuality issue...all that was highlighted was the divide and protests.” Nick’s point: More happened than what was said at the microphones. Meredith communicated a similar sense of church having indeed mimicked culture, but this phenomenon comprising only part of the story.

More often than not, we are called to counter culture. To that, I offer a couple more thoughts: Nick, thank-you for ‘not forsaking our own assembling (Hebrews 10:25)’ -- for going with us in your suitcase or in your camera case, as it were.

Secondly, Nick knows. Every now and then, we recognize it too. Still shots and moving pictures preach the gospel when words fail. Here’s to pursuing glimpses of the kingdom, God’s reality (v.33), like lives depend on it...because they do.