Crossing Boulevard

with Rev. Rachel

1 FLOWING FROM THE THRONE    Revelation 22

You’ve reached the Green River crossing. What would you like to do?

1. Attempt to ford the river. 2. Pay for a ferry to take you across.

The moment you begin to celebrate a bargain of a victory, up pops the news that “Your cart has flipped and you have lost three oxen, six hundred pounds of food, and four sets of clothes.” Thus, the wisdom that maybe only my generation circulates: NEVER ford a river. NEVER.

Over the course of several summers in the mountains of North Carolina, I actually crossed paths with the Green. Rather than try to ford it, virtually, I saw to it that campers got there for kayaking and fly-fishing. [I’m terrible at both, by the way.]

In time, I’d begin a life in Lynchburg. If you can get past the unfortunate fountain feature, the view of the Hill City coming across Route 163 can cause one’s heart to leap.

For another place along the James I would be asked to pack. That was the spring of 2012. After nearly four years here, I am only beginning to understand the magnitude of Richmond’s relationship with the river that runs through it.

Here I am reading about how rivers help to determine the urban form of cities and neighborhoods and how their corridors present opportunities for urban renewal. Of course there is a river. Of course it flows from the throne—from God, this city’s center.

“Most of the major cities of the world are situated on the banks of rivers”...I am gazing at Wikipedia text and processing...So too is the city of God (Revelation 21).

In this vision of creation renewed, the inspired author describes a river of life (v.1). I am struck by a longing I did not know I had. There is a river that we will not have to ford. We’ll not have to fight to keep it clean, nor will a surge be cause for fear.

I was made for the bayside or seaside, but not for the river. I could have sworn to that much as recently as yesterday! Stay in love with God, friends. Put another way: Be impressionable. To be surprised at your own self is often a matter of being surprised by grace and grace is ALWAYS a good idea. ALWAYS.