Crossing Boulevard

with Rev. Rachel

1 ON THE THIRD DAY    John 2

There’s something about the third day. The third day insists on a new thing—a new thing that comes not from thin air, but through what we have. It’s water that’s available in Cana.

There was a wedding. Folks were thirsty. They retreated into scarcity-mode. “No wine (v . 3), ” they said, Mary within earshot. We might as well pack up and go home.

The miracle here is in the eye of the beholder—literally. A friend had to point this out to me: It’s the servants who recognize the resource and resourcefulness in their midst. The steward (i.e., master of ceremonies): “He did not know (v.9).”

Sure enough, while those keeping their safe, privileged distance mumbled about the impossibility of the night ending well, those whose role it was to do the hard work of hospitality were given insight. They saw God working with what they had. Not the me-me birds, but the servants came face to face with the glory.

Me-me birds are those for whom anything and everything comes back to me, me, me. For a moment, it is as if Jesus is leaning into this modus operandi. Mary gives him the green light but he is hesitant. “My hour has not yet come (v.5),” he says.

The difference between Jesus’ momentary me-me-ness and say, mine, is that his is fully tied to the reality of what will come, once his public ministry is set into motion. Would not you and I not be beyond hesitant, wearing his shoes?

Jesus knows. This first miracle won’t sit well with those who capitalize on fear and despair. Choosing to show people the kingdom of God and inviting others into it, means putting ourselves out there...our there amidst those who may lash out in defense of their worldview. Do the kingdom-oriented thing anyway.

Because we are people of third day , dagnabbit! You are enough. I am enough. We have enough. Let us, like the disciples, leave Cana of Galilee believing that the key to this truth is unlocked by choosing to abide in the servant’s quarters. It is a rich, rich place, where anything can happen and where our eyes are opened to the glory.

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