Crossing Boulevard

with Rev. Rachel


Having said that it would be presumptuous of me to write a Crossing Boulevard in two parts; and having gone for it, in spite of that admission...onward with biblically informed immigration policy part 2:

Among the pieces of the puzzle listed last week: Christ’s Church. We cannot approach the intersection of Scripture and immigration without asking what it means that we belong to the body birthed by Jesus’ living, dying, and rising.

Holding on to that that image of Matryoshka nesting dolls, I imagine the figurine representative of us as Christ’s Church, as the smallest. Being the smallest means residing at the heart of things. It also means enclosure by many other layers.

What might a biblically informed immigration policy look like? I don’t know. Really. I don’ t know. You see, people who pledge allegiance to the constitution and to their constituents make policy. These are our civil servants. People who follow Jesus; whom, they did not elect and who, it turns out, is about a kingdom that transcends man and woman-made boundaries, don’t make policy. We make disciples.

I’m not saying that civil servants are never disciples. Nor am I suggesting that one cannot bring God to bear on the conversation. Surely our Christianity shapes us to exercise truth, hospitality, and humility. We can make use of We can gather around the Table, where legality is a non-issue. We can help each other remember that as Gentiles—those grafted in to the faith family tree—we were once the undocumented. [This is where Paul’s letter to Ephesus comes in, by the way.]

I am an American and a Christian. As nice as it would be to imagine that these are one and the same, well, Christ is the head of the Church. He never said a mumblin’ word about being the head of a nation-state.

That I am a disciple first, and that the Church has to find a way to be itself, come what may, is as much of a biblically informed immigration policy stance as I’ve got. Do I understand that that my country has tough decisions to make about who comes and goes and how? Yes. Was I ordained to build up the body that strives to speak of immigration as they do other things; namely, from a God’s-eye-view? Another yes.

Friends, as Christ’s Church are to be full of...God (v19). Let us not lose sight of this, no matter the talk of the town.