Crossing Boulevard

with Rev. Rachel


It would be rather presumptuous of me to write a Crossing Boulevard in two parts. My readership—all thirty of you—on the edge of your seats, begging for a second installment is but a delusion. Heck, I’m doing it and on “biblically informed immigration policy” to boot.

Part 1: I could always tell when Tammy’s grandchildren had visited. The nesting dolls were on the hearth, where they belong, except in disarray. Not only had they been un-nested but also split plus scrambled. When I gaze upon the subject of immigration I am gazing at the aftermath of Conner, Sarah, and Charlie—that Matryoshka mess.

I labor to connect tops to bottoms. There are many. Imagine:

Figure 1 - One’s literacy/fluency/training vis-à-vis The Holy Bible. Figure 2 - The role of civil government in the Old and New Testaments. Figure 3 - Migration in Scripture. Figure 4 - The law of the land and Jesus’ interactions with civil authority. Figure 5 - The emergence of modern nation-states in the 15th century. Figure 6 - 1st Amendment separation of church and state in America. Figure 7 - Democratic and legislative processes at the state and federal level. Figure 8 - The economy; an increasingly global one. Figure 9 - Covenant faithfulness or sacred duty. Figure 10 - Individual and/or societal expressions of mercy. Figure 11 - Christ’s Church, the body birthed by Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, ascension, and its head.

Maybe we have to get it together, so to speak, on each of these fronts before we get to ordering; acknowledging the layers’ existence, at the very least. Maybe biblically informed immigration policy isn’t the fruit we can pick from campaign trail clips. Maybe it takes work and maybe, at the end of that work, what we get is not absolute certainty with regards to our initial question, but something else. Until next time~