Crossing Boulevard

with Rev. Rachel


I’m about to say something that will rock your world. Or cause you to yawn. Wait: I’m actually about to quote somebody else saying something that will rock your world. Or cause you to yawn.

“After the Church was bound by the Nicene Creed, it made a formal list of the books in the New Testament (K. Collins).”

You might want to read that one more time.

Now, if the Church did not adopt the Nicene Creed until 325 (or 381)… and the New Testament followed those councils…that may mean, well, a number of things. For starters, the winners of the debate in Nicene (and Constantinople) got to apply their litmus test, their rule of thumb.

The Nicene Creed influenced the Holy Bible’s Table of Contents?

That sort of scares me.

Until I look up from my computer and recall the power of the Holy Spirit. I feel some pneumatology coming on and don’t tell me that’s too big of a word because I’ve heard you say a bunch of other –ologies. Embrace another!

We receive the wherewithal to be and to do graciously, when the Holy Spirit comes upon us (Acts 1:8); not when we succeed at defending or disparaging a creed. Jesus asked for neither. Christ asked us to be witnesses to what he said and did for and advocates for the people alongside whom he walked—to be kingdom-minded.

Maybe affirmations of faith are like the bumpers at the bowling alley. Just as those bumpers aren’t there for their own sake but rather to help us make contact with the pins, creeds and the like in the back of the hymnal offer themselves similarly.

I’m here. I’m here to provide a channel by which you can connect to God. Oh, and to the people of God. Until the eyes of your heart are fully enlightened, you might consider being more of an opportunist. Anyway, don’t guess I’m going far. Like I said, I’m here. Here when you have it in you to keep my company, arriving, I expect, on the wings of the Spirit.

Yours, The Nicene Creed