Crossing Boulevard

with Rev. Rachel


He died. He rose. He had a hankering for fish.

Broiled fish, Scripture says. And before the powers that be make haste to clarify that there is no such thing as hungry Jesus, let me just say: I like adore this Jesus.

Y’all are fisherman are you not? Share with a brother.

“He took it and ate in their presence (v.43).” Just like that. He cut right through their unease, that fog of life having changed drastically, by making it known that God was still God—a lover of their company and their gifts.

Some days I get to watch as another works and I am struck by how they do what they do: Calvin in the churchyard these past couple of weeks.

These were trees for which pruning meant two kinds of saws and a bag of other tricks. It had been a while. The rain started to fall. Mother Earth had impressed upon us both that now was the time. And so it was onward, upward, downward. I muttered all sorts of prayers.

About the time my heels began to catch on the inside of sopping wet pant-legs, it hit me. He was serving up some kind of delicacy to the Lord. Jesus had asked if him if he had anything to share and Calvin was readying that ‘piece of broiled fish’ (v.42).

In this way, Jesus has had all kinds of things to eat. When Joshua adjusted his schedule, when Roc washed our dishes, when Donnie brought arugula, when Meredith gifted the mugs, when David hauled the limbs, when Alexa preached, when the electrician-alongside-Ruth sorted out the crazy wiring at the Annex— his description, not mine—I choose to see these as responses to the Risen One. On this 15th day of Easter, receive the peace that comes with the divine presence (v.36). Give God the prettiest filet and to yourself, the benefit of a doubt. You and I might be those from whom a piece of what we have to share would be received with utmost delight.

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